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Design, manufacture, service one-stop professional aluminum profile Sino-foreign joint ventures, is located in Kunshan Lujia Economic Development Industrial Zone, adjacent to Shanghai, near Kunshan 312 National Road , And in 2009 founded the Nanchang Jia Dihao aluminum base, located in Jiangxi Nanchang State Road side, the transportation is very convenient. Is China's aluminum production industry, the development of many types of products, wide range, size and strength of the first-class professional enterprise.

The company covers an area of 280,000 square meters, investment 400 million yuan, annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of aluminum. The company has an international ERP management, technology, marketing personnel, the introduction of international standards of manufacturing equipment, through continuous research and innovation and innovation to create stable performance excellence, stable and reliable energy-saving environmental protection products, and has made the State Intellectual Property Office presented the design Patent certificate, "Jia Dihao" brand products of its insulation properties, noise performance, watertightness, air tightness and wind performance have reached the domestic and international advanced level. To meet the needs of customers around the world.

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