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Interest in the development of aluminum metal process

Date:Jan 23,2017

[Alcoa] to see the earth into the earth, the vast space of aluminum, can not help but ask: Why is the earliest human use and the most widely used metal is not the largest crust in the aluminum?

Reference potential meter, metal melting point, metal lively, reduction of aluminum and other technical reasons, there is not one one academic narratives. Let's have fun.

Sewer pipe with lead, water pipe with copper. Common can also use gold, silver, copper and tin lead, gold and silver transformed into a trading currency of the heavenly, crowned the list of precious metals, and copper and tin lead into the ordinary people home, daily life with the visible.

What is more, when people take lead pot tea as a tableware, then there is this kind of lead sugar (lead acetate), because there is sweet, so as a condiment. As a result, excessive intake of lead, poisoning poisoning, stupid silly, sterile infertility, because at that time people do not understand the metal.

Until the discovery of iron, as if to open a new door. We all know that the gold density of 19 silver 11 copper 8.9, the proportion of iron 7.8 at that time be regarded as very light and very light metal. The key is cheap! Iron, more and more common. However, this is not finished, after the aluminum appeared.


Relatively speaking, aluminum is still a very young metal, the first aluminum is replaced with potassium out, at the time of aluminum refining technology is still very developed, so the production of aluminum is very low, so aluminum is very rare precious metals, than Gold is also much more expensive, Napoleon in order to achieve his honor and unique, with aluminum to do the crown. He also has a set of aluminum cutlery. At that time the very luxury thing.

Aluminum is extremely lightweight (2.7), also resistant to corrosion, the most Niubi is the high content of aluminum in the earth scary, people began to believe that an era of aluminum to come. Aluminum, aluminum pot, and so closely related to things came into being. However, this kind of aluminum is not very friendly to people. Al-ion hazard to people As we all know, Fang Jian Chuan aluminum pan aluminum spoon on the people's hazards are also made we dubious. Which do not know who later said iron iron pot, aluminum utensils almost instantly finished.

In fact, not because of this, because the corrosion of metal is increasingly serious, we began to consider alternative materials with other metal materials. The status of aluminum has been challenged. For example: steel, steel cheaper than aluminum, but also insulation, but also insulation, but also noise, but also colorful, home decoration this piece of aluminum doors and windows there is a huge space for development. However, the aluminum car is still a lot. After all, is a metal material, there are many other irreplaceable advantages. But from the historical point of view, the more lively metal, the vast majority of cases were refined into a single element or alloy of the more backward, which is determined by the metal activity.

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