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Aluminum profiles of the implementation of standards which are the main

Date:Jan 23,2017

[Aluminum] China's current aluminum profiles of the implementation of the standards are:

(1) GB5237.1 ~ 5-2008 ﹑ GB5237.6-2004

Construction of aluminum profiles of the implementation of the above criteria, that is, as long as the construction industry with aluminum profiles, and its products must be GB5237.1 ~ 5-2008 ﹑ GB5237.6-2004 mandatory standards of production and product quality control.

(2) GB / T6892-2006 "general use of industrial aluminum and aluminum extrusion profiles"

Industrial aluminum extrusions refer to aluminum extruded profiles other than architectural doors and windows, curtain walls and aluminum extrusions for interior and exterior decoration. Except for the implementation of specific standards for individual products, most of the standards are GB / T6892-2006 "General Industrial Aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded profiles ", the products are mainly used in aerospace, transportation, rail vehicles, electronic appliances, sports equipment, radiators, decorative, electrical energy, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields.

(3) GB / T26014-2010 "non-architectural aluminum alloy decorative profiles"

Non-architectural aluminum alloy decorative profiles refers to the improvement of visual effects as the main purpose of decorative aluminum alloy hot extrusion profiles. Dimensional deviation of decorative profiles, if any special requirements, should be specified in the contract. If there is no special requirements, should be consistent with GB / T14846-2008 "aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profile size deviation" in the general level requirements. Products are mainly used in vehicle interior and exterior decoration, home appliances accessories, kitchen appliances, electronic appliances, interior decoration, medical equipment, instrumentation, office facilities and other fields.

(4) GB / T14846-2008 "aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profile size deviation"

Another standard for industrial aluminum alloy profiles GB / T14846-2008 "Aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profile size deviation." But this standard is only for industrial aluminum extrusion size, only the size of the requirements can be produced according to this standard. All other requirements according to GB / T6892-2006 standard.

(5) foreign advanced standards

Foreign advanced standards are: the EU EN12020-2 "6060 and 6063 aluminum and aluminum alloy precision profiles Part 2: size and shape tolerance", EN755-2 "aluminum and aluminum rods, tubes, type - mechanical properties," the United States ANSIH35.2 "the United States aluminum material size deviation standard" and Japan JISH4100 "aluminum and aluminum extrusion profiles" and other standards, mainly for some special customers or international large-scale curtain wall construction company in the well-known buildings, landmarks and foreign engineering supervision Engineering and other use.

(6) enterprise standards

If the products produced by the enterprise do not have national standards, industry standards or local standards, the corresponding enterprise standards shall be formulated as the basis for organizing production. The enterprise standards shall be filed with the local technical supervision bureau for filing according to the prescribed procedures. Quality and technical supervision system is the localization of management, market supervision and sampling in the sample, to go to the location of enterprises Quality and Technical Supervision access to record standards to determine whether qualified. Production enterprises can be the first to know that products are supervised and spot checks, actively follow up in advance the product testing process and results, and take appropriate measures. Such as small materials, non-building use profiles, decorative profiles and export profile, and so on.

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